Healthy Mouths, Happy Smiles

Our gentle comprehensive dental exams focus on your full-body health. Our team will carefully review your medical and dental histories to establish a clear picture of your habits, sleeping patterns and overall health. We will perform a complete oral cancer screening of your lymph nodes, lips, tongue and the inside of your mouth and cheeks. Next, our trained technicians will take a series of high definition X-rays to provide detailed images of your teeth, bones and jaw. 

A careful periodontal assessment will determine the health of your gum tissues and will detect any periodontal disease. We will also inspect your occlusion to ensure that you are not affected by an underbite, overbite or crossbite; this helps us diagnose any related issues such as worn teeth, grinding, or jaw problems like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). 

Finally, Dr. Hecklin will meticulously examine each tooth to identify any cavities, determine the condition of prior treatments and restorations, locate cracked or missing teeth and suggest options for treatment and repair, as necessary.

Once you have had a comprehensive examination and have an established relationship with our practice, we recommend a dental prophylaxis (preventative dental exam) on a timely basis that reflects your needs. Regularly scheduled preventative examinations promote overall health and halts the progression of periodontal (gum) disease, gingivitis and tooth decay. 

Routine pediatric dental care is equally important for your children. Our kid-friendly team looks forward to helping your little ones develop healthy dental habits early on!

To meet some patient's needs we can also provide deeper periodontal cleaning if necessary,

Teeth Cleaning You Can Smile About

Professional Cleanings

Our experienced team of compassionate dental hygienists are committed to gently cleaning, scaling and polishing your teeth. Using an ultrasonic cleaner for dental cleaning, we gently loosen tartar, deposits, plaque and stains to ensure a healthy, happy mouth.