Sterilization and Infection Control in the Dental Office

There are many reasons that people fear going to the dentist; however, a growing number of people are expressing concerns about the risk of contracting an illness or life-threatening disease.

Because patient wellness is our top priority, we understand these concerns and strictly adhere to the guidelines recommended by OSHA, the American Dental Association and the TN Dental Association.  We maintain and upgrade our infection control techniques by regularly attending appropriate seminars, completing continuing education lessons, and by holding staff meetings to insure that every member of our staff is familiar with current guidelines.

Some of the basic techniques we utilize are:

  • The use of distilled/filtered water supplied to handpieces and air/water syringes.
  • The cleaning and sanitizing of each operatory with appropriate chemical agents as well as employing special ionic purifier/UV disinfectant.
  • The sterilization of all instruments, including handpieces, used intra-orally in an ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave
  • The use of barriers on all equipment in each operatory and their disposal after each use.
  • The wearing of gloves, masks and protective wear during any patient procedure to prevent cross-contamination

The guidelines listed are basic and mandatory in the dental environment.  If you have questions regarding the utilization of such techniques, you should feel free to ask your doctor, dental assistant, or hygienist to address your concerns.