Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Store-Bought Whitening Kits

These days everybody wants whiter teeth. In fact, teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic procedure performed by dentists. Which is why its not surprising that one of the most common questions patients ask Dr. Hecklin is: “Do the store-bought kits actually work, or should I get a professional whitening treatment?”

It's easy to see why somebody would be interested in using an over-the-counter whitening product. The claims, convenience, and low cost can be so enticing - but do they really work? Our answer is...while over-the-counter whitening formulas may initially appear more affordable, you’ll get far more from your investment when you opt to go with a safe, professionally administered whitening treatment.

Here’s why:

The Application Process

Store-bought whitening trays and strips are “one size fits some.” When they fit over your teeth, they often do not come into contact with the entire curved surface. This can leave several areas untouched, making the teeth look blotchy or different colors.

With a professional whitening treatment there are two options available at our Nashville office. We are either administering the treatment on-site using the Phillips ZOOM! Whitening System, or fitting you with custom-molded whitening trays that gently hug each tooth, which allows full contact with the whitening gel. As such, you can feel confident that your entire smile will be whitened…not just parts of it.

The Gel Formula

Retailers and online companies aren’t allowed to sell prescription strength whitening gels; those are only available for purchase from your dentist. The whitening solutions that you can buy over the counter will contain different concentrations of the same ingredient, or a different formula altogether. It’s as if you were buying a medication off the shelf, as opposed to having a prescription for something stronger…it can take a lot longer to see the results.

The in-office whitening treatments use a much stronger bleaching solution because your dentist is supervising the procedure. Which is why store-bought kits might be easy to use and relatively cheap, but if you’re looking for safe and effective whitening with immediate results, then a professional treatment is the way to go. The generic whitening kits just don't (and simply can't) have the same bleaching concentration - which is one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to a patient's results.

The Time Investment

Our highly-concentrated gel can remove deep-set stain particles faster and more effectively than store-bought solutions.

For instance, with an in-house ZOOM! Whitening Treatment, we are applying the product directly to your teeth and activating it at the same time. In just two hours, you’ll have teeth that are multiple shades brighter than when you first walked into our office. 

People who opt for custom-fitted whitening trays, are provided gel that’s strong enough to lift deep stains, but formulated against sensitivity. You apply the gel and wear the trays for an hour or more each day. The custom whitening trays allow the gel to make contact with all areas of your teeth, which creates more uniform results. Trays that are one-size-fits-all can't provide that level of contact. In just 7 to 10 days, you will see results comparable to our in-office whitening treatment. These results wouldn’t be possible with anything that you could buy at a store or online. It could take two or three kits to even see half of the same results.

The Maintenance

Keeping your teeth white is easy. After completing your in-office ZOOM! Whitening Treatment you will receive a set of custom trays and bleaching gel to take home for periodic maintenance. Patients wanting a "touch up" should plan on wearing their trays for a few days in a row, every three to six months to maintain their bright smile. These instructions also apply to patients who used the custom-fitted trays from the beginning. Again, because the whitening gel is highly concentrated, it can work more quickly and keep your teeth whiter, longer than a store-bought option.  

Great Smiles Get Noticed

We believe that great smiles get noticed and Dr. Hecklin is committed to helping his patients achieve their perfect smile. Whether you have a big event coming up, or just aren't happy with the color of your teeth we can make a brighter, whiter smile your reality. Contact our Nashville office today at 615-356-7500, or click on the link below, to schedule an appointment. Our friendly, caring staff is happy to answer any additional questions you have about our teeth whitening services. 

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